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PTI vows to hold grand rally in Islamabad to show public stands with judiciary


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan vowed on Wednesday to hold a ‘grand public rally’ in Islamabad, the date of which he will announce later, to show that the people of Pakistan stand with the judiciary. Imran Khan said he will visit all parts of the country during the party membership campaign and he will gather people of whole country in Islamabad to show that the people are standing with the Supreme Court, with justice, constitution and standing against the thieves. Imran Khan said he will hold a historic show in Islamabad to tell why Nawaz Sharif was ousted. Imran Khan said PTI will hold biggest gathering as compared to all the gatherings organized by PML-N.

This he said while addressing a press conference after chairing the PTI parliamentary party meeting at Bani Gala. Imran Khan said the decision against the Sharif family is expected in three weeks. Imran Khan said Supreme Court given opportunity to Nawaz Sharif for coming on the roads while delivering judgment in Iqama. Imran Khan said Nawaz Sharif is destroying the institutions to save himself from the conviction in money laundering case.

Imran khan said Nawaz Sharif should have been sent in jail for submitting Qatari letter, adding that on the fraud of Calibri Font in trust deed between Hussain Nawaz and Maryam Nawaz, Nawaz Sharif should have been sent in jail. He said that on the basis of JIT report and other things Nawaz Sharif should have been sent in jail.

Imran said Nawaz Sharif is not presenting the Qatari letter in front of NAB because he knows this letter is a total fraud. He said Supreme Court is being attacked to save the theft.

Imran Khan said that PTI has decided to approach the Supreme Court in Hudabiya Paper Mills case on the new evidence emerged in JIT. He said Shahbaz Sharif will also meet the same fate in Hudabiya case like Nawaz Sharif met in Panama case. He said Hudabiya is an open and shut case, adding that 1.25 billion rupees were shifted abroad 20 years ago.

Imran Khan said that PTI should be included in the consultation of the caretaker prime minister for holding next elections. Imran Khan said PTI will propose the names for the caretaker prime minister.

The PTI chief said he will announce the date of the rally in Islamabad after touring the country for the party’s membership drive and consulting with party leaders.

“They [Nawaz] are now heading for a clash of institutions on the basis of having a people’s mandate. I will show them that the public stands with justice, not them,” said Imran.

PTI Chairman said that Nawaz Sharif is trying to paint himself innocent after robbing the public exchequer and taking looted wealth abroad. He said that Nawaz Sharif has only weakened state institutions for petty personal and political gains.

“He [Nawaz Sharif] would have been in jail if the institutions were full functional and non-partisan. Failed state institutions renders any country backward.”

Furthermore, he said that Nawaz made one of his relatives [Ishaq Dar] finance minister, who helped him in money laundering using FBR.
Imran Khan announced on Wednesday that a rally will soon be held in Islamabad, where people will come to show their support for the judiciary’s integrity.

He lauded the efforts of the judiciary and said that the restoration of democracy has been a long process. “Pakistan’s judiciary has reached this point after a long struggle. We [PTI] were part of that struggle and so was the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N),” he said.

Talking about the Supreme Court’s verdict on the Panama Papers case, he said: “Nawaz Sharif’s lies have been exposed, time and again and those were enough to drive him to jail.”

He added that “The first lie was when the Qatari letter was discovered, the second was when Maryam Nawaz’s documents were found to be forged as the Calibri Font did not exist at the stated time.”

Talking about the Election Commission Pakistan’s (ECP) announcement of the dates for the general elections, he said, “We are anticipating elections sometime between July and September and for that we are prepared.”

“Nawaz Sharif was only trying to protect his offshore accounts and to escape the money-laundering convictions,” he added. He said Constitution and democracy are being assaulted, claiming that the conspiracy is afoot to ruin the country.

The PTI chief said Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif is receiving salary from a companied based in Dubai.

Claiming that the LNG agreement is cumbersome on Pakistan, Imran Khan said Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi who he said is immersed in LNG scandal, is protecting Nawaz Sharif.

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