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Israeli military: 4 soldiers wounded in Gaza border blast


The Israeli military said Saturday that four soldiers were wounded, two seriously, in an explosion along the Israeli border with Gaza.

The military said all four were evacuated for medical treatment. The Israeli military says one of its tanks has struck an observation post in the southern Gaza Strip in response to the detonation of an explosive device along its border.

Palestinian officials say Saturday’s target belonged to the ‘Islamic Jihad’ militant group and there were no casualties.

The Israeli respose came as palestinian sources confirmed that 4 Israeli soldiers were injured, two seriously as their vehicule was struck by an explosive device while travelling close to the border with Rafah in the Gaza Strip.

The exchange is typical of the post 2014 war reality established along the volatile frontier in which Israel carries out limited retaliations to any militant provocations in Gaza. The border area has generally been quiet since the war, but has seen an increase in violence since President Donald Trump’s announcement in December recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Israel holds Hamas, the Islamic militant group that rules Gaza, responsible for all attacks emanating from the territory, regardless of who carries them out.

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