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Amnesty International urges Trudeau to call on Modi for banning use of pellet-firing shotguns in occupied Kashmir


Amnesty International (AI) has urged Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to call on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for immediately banning use of pellet-firing shotguns in occupied Kashmir.

In an open letter to the Canadian Prime Minister, Amnesty International pointed out that security forces in Jammu and Kashmir have been using pellet firing shotguns against protestors in the Kashmir valley since at least 2010. These weapons have killed, blinded and injured thousands of people.

It asked for setting up independent investigations into cases of deaths or serious injuries caused by pellet firing shotguns.

Meanwhile, Pakistan High Commissioner Tariq Azim Khan, in his meeting with Secretary General of Amnesty International Alex Neve had urged him to take up the issue of gross human rights violations and pellet guns use in Indian occupied Kashmir during his upcoming visit to India.

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