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Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah’s Press Conference


Full text of the press conference by Chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah, Democratic Freedom Party (DFP)

Ref No 993/DFP
Jan 4, 2017

Asalamualaikum Warahmatullaahi Wabarakatahu

Today, in this press conference, I want to bring to your notice which you yourself witnessed during the last five months. You witnessed, through the nook and corner of the State, as to what people demanded and how they were treated. The dissent, expressed in a peaceful way, was responded with brute force; the innocent children were blinded. I wonder why the perpetrators of such barbarism still claim to be the well-wishers of the people. It’s shameful. We can only lament on the mindset of those making “toffee” remarks about the innocent children who were killed, maimed, and blinded by those beating the drums of the so-called VISION. Can this VISION bring back the eyes of Insha?

What about the media fraternity; journalists were beaten, cameras were broken, newspapers banned for reporting the truth. The press was targeted for “puncturing the balloon of their so-called VISION and BATTLE OF IDEAS”. We were in jails but our hearts were beating for you. I hail the media fraternity and congratulate it for reporting the facts in a very objective manner. You highlighted the state terrorism for which you were targeted; media gag was imposed.


What was the crime of a lecturer Shabir Ahmad Monga who was ruthlessly beaten to death by the occupational forces? Can the so-called chief minister tell us what VISION is in her store for the lecturer’s widow? The year 2016 was extremely horrible as the PDP created a record of snatching eyesight of people following the footsteps of its predecessor National Conference which killed blooming buds. What is more depressing is the attitude of PDP which at the behest of BJP and RSS unleashed a reign of terror on our people and blinded the children. Nowhere in the world is pellet and PAVA used against people but the credit goes to PDP. I have a strong belief that the champions of so-called VISION, have to appear before the court of Allah and people, for their crimes against humanity. When will we recognize the real face of these power-hungry puppets of New Delhi? Reality is that every pro-India party – PDP, NC, Congress or others – are servants of New Delhi and working on its agenda.
If authorities think we have a short memory, they are living in a fool’s paradise. We remember everything. We will never forgive the killers. We were in jail but aware of the stiff resistance shown by the people from nook and corner of the State.

We’re extremely thankful to the people of Kargil, Chenab Valley, Banihal, Poonch, Rajouri, Kishtwar, and Doda who by standing with us at these hard times made it clear to world that “we’re united against the forcible and illegal occupation of India.” I assure the people of these regions of the State that we’re always with them.


I also express my condolences with the respected parents of Shaheed Burhan Wani and congratulate them for the martyrdom of their son which rejuvenated the Kashmir issue across the world and infused a new lease of life in the freedom movement of Jammu Kashmir. With heavy heart, I salute those families whose loved ones felt victims to Indian barbarism. I assure them that these sacrifices won’t be allowed to go waste. We’re duty-bound to take forward the mission of martyrs.

Though every section of the society rendered sacrifice during the last five months but the example set by the transport community is praiseworthy. I salute them. Those associated with medical profession also deserve all hail and appreciation for their exemplary social welfare. They braved all odds and threats while carrying out the noble work.

I salute the religious organizations of the State including Jama’at-e-Islami, Jamiat Ahle Hadith, Karvaan-e-Islami, Umat-e-Islami, Suwat-ul-Awlia, Anjuman Shari-e-Shian, and all NGOs who served the society during those hard times.

I express my gratitude to all pro-freedom parties of the State. The role played by our women organizations particularly the Dukhtaran-e-Millat and Muslim Khawateen Markaz is noteworthy.

The fate of the children who were injured and maimed by bullets and pellets during recent months is our mutual concern and we cannot leave them at the mercy of the situation. As such, we should work towards their rehabilitation in a unified manner and assure them of full support. I also appeal to the nation and the (resistance) leadership to take care of these victims of the state-sponsored oppression by adopting them. Our educational institutions should also come forward in this regard.


Those languishing in jails are our spokespersons. The so-called state government’s attitude towards these prisoners is in violation of the United Nations’ charter as they are denied all basic amenities. What is more concerning is the illegal detention of minors. They aren’t referred to Juvenile homes. The condition of prisoners is alarming and we demand an end to such unsympathetic and inhuman attitude of authorities.


We’re very much concerned about the loss of human lives, mostly innocent civilians and school going children, due to unabated firing at the Line of Control (LoC). We recently saw how firing by Indian forces martyred several children in Azad Kashmir; another school van was targeted. This is extremely unfortunate and human rights bodies should take serious cognizance of the heartening incident.


It has been my long cherished dream to see the whole resistance leadership on a single platform under a single leader. We have rendered innumerous sacrifices which need to be safeguarded by resisting the Indian occupational rule in a unified manner. Almighty Allah has given us a golden chance of forging unity.


Pakistan played a very effective role during the ongoing Intifada as the way it highlighted Kashmir issue at United Nations is commendable. It has been due to the diplomatic efforts of Pakistan that China, Turkey, European countries, and OIC slammed India over the unabated human rights violations it commits in Jammu Kashmir. We also express our gratitude to UN for offering mediation vis-à-vis resolving Kashmir. The whole world expressed concern over the grave situation in this disputed region. This all happened due to strenuous diplomatic efforts of Pakistan and we hope the country’s embassies across the world set up special cell for Kashmir which will work towards its early resolution. The country also needs to rejuvenate its Kashmir committee. For our cause, we have to utilize all our efforts to win the favour of the permanent member countries of the UN.


The PDP is on an agenda to make a complete sell-out of Jammu Kashmir. As such, the process of issuing the domicile certificates to West Pakistan Refugees (WPRs) has been started. I reiterate that we’re not against the rehabilitation of these refugees but it should be carried out as per the formula of the Partition of India which implies that these WPRs be settled in any part of India not in the disputed territory of J&K. We won’t allow anyone to erode the special status of the State and will resist tooth and nail every anti-Kashmir attempt.


I want to send a clear message to the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi that if he wants his country to progress and make it a SHINING INDIA and play a crucial role in the international relations by becoming a permanent UNSC member, he has to shun the baseless rhetoric of Kashmir being its integral part and resolve this vexed dispute while bearing in mind that no country can be subjugated through military might.

I challenge Mr Modi to lift curbs on our free movement and see whose side the people of Jammu Kashmir are. Let India choose its candidate in the upcoming elections, we will choose any lesser-known person but under the auspices of any international impartial body; whatever the verdict the people give should be acceptable to all. That will be the final verdict of this dispute.

I also want to make it clear that whenever we talk of referendum in the State, we mean the whole population of Jammu Kashmir. People from all faiths and regions are entitled to this right of self-determination.


I have decided to hold a press conference in New Delhi wherein I would stress upon India and Pakistan to resolve their mutual differences that stem out from the Kashmir dispute. Such move would be in the better interest of both the nations.

During the presser, I will pose some questions to Indian Prime Minister and see how he will convince me on his rhetorical stand on Kashmir dispute. It has been our age-old stand that unresolved Kashmir poses a big threat to the South Asia and is hindering peace in the region.


We have decided to launch an awareness campaign, regarding our just stand and political thought, across India. We will get in contact with intellectuals in India and try to garner their support as we hope there are thousands of justice-loving people in that country who will raise their voices in our favour. We will bring to them the point that India is facing several human challenges including poverty, unemployment, and malnutrition still it spends major portion of its budget on defence purposes thereby hindering its development. Sooner or later, India will have to shun its ego and resolve the dispute that has long been its biggest impediment in way of achieving the overall progress.


At the end, I make a fervent appeal to the community, UN, and all the international human rights bodies to take serious note of the grave situation in Kashmir. We demand an immediate action by all world organizations including the United Nations and Red Cross to deal with the prevailing situation in the disputed region. I also appeal to the newly appointed UN Secretary General to initiate measures towards the establishment of peace in the South Asia.
As Kashmir is an internationally acknowledged dispute and backed by several UN resolutions which are in continuation of the resolution passed on January 5, 1949. We believe the viable solution to this longstanding dispute lies in the implementation of these resolutions. We hope the world community, by keeping in view the demands of truth and justice, put in efforts in ending the Indo-Pak rivalry by resolving their bone of contention – the Kashmir.

Issued by
Democratic Freedom Party (DFP)

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