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Our Forefathers Sacrificed For Pakistan, We Feel Proud Being Pakistani: Nawab of Junagarh



Nawab of Junagarh, Nawab Muhammad Jahangir Kanji talked to media at Baluchistan House Islamabad.

He said; “Our forefathers sacrificed for Pakistan and we feel proud being Pakistani. Junagarh was richest princely state at the time of independence and my grandfather decided to join Pakistan by the wishes of people of Junagarh. ”.

Now this issue is in United Nations and we are waiting for justice from last Sixty Eight years .India is illegal occupier in Junagarh and Kashmir. United Nations must take notice on recent situation in Kashmir, he said.
Nawab of Junagarh, requested to government of Pakistan to build “Junagarh House” as symbol of appreciation for the sacrifices of Nawab Family. Goverment should restore the protocol of Nawab which was taken back in 1972, by PPP government. My grandfather did instrument of accession with Pakistan and we respect it.

Reported By: Zaman Bajwa

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