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South Korean President sacks prime minister



South Korean President Park Geun-hye has sacked the prime minister over the tense national situation and allegations of mismanagement and the ongoing strikes across the country.

South Korea’s presidential office named a new prime minister and finance minister.

The South Korean President has named Financial Services Commission Chairman Yim Jong-yong as the finance minister and deputy prime minister. Yim, who replaces incumbent minister Yoo Il-ho, is regarded well by the country’s policy-makers.

Kim Byong-joon, a senior presidential secretary during former president administration, is expected to replace Hwang Kyo-ahn as prime minister. Kim initially scheduled a news conference but later called it off.

The South Koreans are on roads to protest what they say against the nepotistic policies of President Ms. Park and are demanding her resignation. They accuse her of appointing family members and other people close to her to high and influential positions.

Opposition parties have strongly criticized the reshuffle as a bid by President Park to divert attention from the political crisis, which has dragged her approval rating to an all-time low.

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